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PostIt V-1.0

A small application that simulates the ever popular yellow Post-It Notes™ that everyone uses to remind us of things to do. The view to the left shows the PostIt view over the top of my backdrop application InfoBack. All text and drawings entered into PostIt are saved during Newton resets.

PostIt Controls

  • Recognition Mode: Selects the mode you wish PostIt to accept pen input.
  • Keyboard: Tap to popup the keyboard view. Tap again to select the type of keyboard.
  • Clear: Tapping the clear button will erase the contents of the PostIt view.
  • Scroll Bars: Allow the PostIt view to be scrolled to fit more text or drawings.
  • Route: To e-mail, fax or print your reminder note.
  • Close: Contents of PostIt view will be saved and restored the next time PostIt is openned.

Download It


PostIt is free.

Version Info

Version Date Info
1.0   Released at:

Messages to: Shane D. Hill (sdhengsoft @ tpg . com . au)