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DateBar is a small extension to the Dates application. It adds a button bar to the top left corner of the Dates application to allow a one tap access to all of Dates overview forms. Namely Day, Week, Month, Year, To Do List, Day's Agenda views and go to Today button. Date bar will automatically update the Dates view hourly and at power-on.


DateBar is written for all Newton 2.x OS systems. Note that it has not been tested on any MP2K devices. However, there should be no foreseeable problems.

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Version Info

Version Date Info
1.1a 18 November 1999
  • An error was made by me in the release of V-1.1. It was in fact NOT V-1.1 but a slightly earlier version. V-1.1a fixes this mistake and allows the user to get to the preference dialog as advertised.
1.1 3 November 1999
  • Added automatic scrolling of Dates every every hour and at power-on. This is controlled from the Prefs menu under the Info button.
  • Added an About Box.
1.0 20 May 1999 Released at:

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