DateView V-1.2

DateView is a VERY FAST date/calendar/todo summary utility. View and print a summary of all your appointments for any time range. DateView can install a auxilary button to your backdrop application for quick access. DateView can also be started by selecting the Info button in the in-built Dates application.

DateView can now be effectively used as a backdrop application. DateView supports auxillary buttons and the info list will also automatically update when required.

Whats New for V-1.2

DateView Information List

Each item in the information list is headed by the days date in bold text. Under the heading, each item is listed with an item type in bold on the left and the item information text on the right. The next meeting will be underlined for easy idetification. Item types are:

The DateView display may be scrolled, when more than one screen of information is being displayed, by using the silk screen up/down arrow buttons. The overview button will return the view to the top most event.

DateView Status Bar

The status bar now fully supports auxillary buttons when DateView is the backdrop application. The new status bar is shown below.

From left to right we have the:

DateView Control Bar

The DateView control bar has been removed from the status bar. This frees up space for auxillary buttons when DateView is the backdrop application. The control bar can be moved to any location on the screen by tapping and dragging the control bar from the blank space between the buttons. The control bar is shown below.

From left to right we have the:

Preference Settings

Several preferences can be set that control the way information is displayed in the information list. The preference dialog below can be accessed throught the info. button on the status bar of DateView.

  • ToDo's: Turns the display of todo items off and on.
    • ToDo Priorities: Turns todo priority information off or on.
  • Durations: Turns the display of meeting durations off or on.
  • View All Days: Normally only days with events will be displayed. Turning this option on will display date headings for all days.
  • Start View on Monday: Normally the information list will start on the date requested. Turning this option on will start the information list at the beginning of the current week.
  • View Font: The font used for normal text information.
    • Size: The size of normal text.
  • Bold Font: The font used for meeting tags and headings.
    • Size: The size of bold text.
  • Aux Button: Determines whether or not a DateView quick access button should appear in the backdrop application status bar.


Dateview is written for all Newton 2.x OS systems. Note that it has not been tested on any MP2K devices. However, there should be no foreseeable problems.

Download It


DateView is free.

Version Info

Version Date Info


30 April 1999

  • DateView can now be effectively used as a backdrop application. The status bar supports auxillary buttons.
  • DateView will update automatically when Meetings or ToDo's are changed or updated by any application. This will occur within 1 second of the other application closing. When ever the Newton is turned on, DateView will check if it requires updating.
  • The control bar has been moved to its own floating window. This removes the clutter from the status bar and allows the user to include their own auxillary buttons without running out of room, when using DateView as a backdrop.
  • A "New" button has been added. It allows the addition of all meeting and todo types and any other registered meeting types.
  • The next meeting information is underlined for easy idetification.


12 April 99

  • Removed the message "Gesture is 49" generated when the user taps the screen. This was a debug message intended for me. Sorry about that people.
1.1 9 April 1999
  • Minor changes to info list display format.
  • Added DateView startup as a menu item within the Date's info button menu.
  • Added the create a meeting button.
1.0 28 August 1997 Released at:

* Note that DateView will not go under any more modifications unless specific requests are submitted. I currently use an application called TimeTrax for my date information now. However, I still use DateView to print a month's or a year's worth of shedules.

** A similar application to DateView, written by Herb Otto (DateSum) can be located at:

ToDo's and User Suggestions

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