InfoBack V-1.0 & MiniBack V-1.0

An application that replaces the default NotePad application as backdrop. It shows a summary of time, date, next meeting, todo's, battery status, volume status and heap status. It also allows you to scribble information directly onto the backdrop. A major feature of this application is the ability to drag the information views around the screen to any location you like. All this and a small heap foot print.

MiniBack is a cut down version of InfoBack. System status information for volume, heap, battery and stores have been removed. The quick access to Extras and Packages has also been removed.

InfoBack Display

Time: The current time is displayed as a digital clock. Tapping the time view will open the Clock application.
Date: The current date is displayed in bold. Tapping the date view will also open the Clock application. Note that the text in the view is right justified.
ToDo: If there are no ToDo's, the current view is displayed. Otherwise the ToDo with the highest priority is displayed. Tapping the ToDo view will popup a list of current ToDo's.
Next Meeting: The next meeting's time/date and title are displayed. The text in this view is right justified.
Store: This view displays all available stores and their available space remaining. A tick marker is placed in front of the default store.

Battery Status: This view shows the current battery status.

Heap Status: This view shows the current available free heap. Tapping the view will force a garbage collection call and free up available memory.
Volume Status: This view displays the current volume setting. Moving the slider will change the default volume setting.

Scribble Notes

Backrop Area: The rest of the backdrop can be used to write notes or draw illustrations. Note that if this information is to be saved after system reboots, then you must tap the "Save Scribble" item within the Command Options menu on the status bar.

InfoBack Controls

From left to right the InfoBack status bar controls are:


InfoBack is written for all Newton 2.x OS systems. Note that it has not been tested on any MP2K devices. However, there should be no foreseeable problems.

Download It


InfoBack is free.

InfoBack Version Info

Version Date Info
1.0 9 April 1999 Released at:

MiniBack Version Info

Version Date Info
1.0 13 April 1999 Released at:

Known Problems

Messages to: Shane D. Hill (sdhengsoft @ tpg . com . au)