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ListIt is an inventory and listing application. It has been designed to create fast lists of house and contents items for insurance purposes. However, because of its generic structure, you can even use it to balance your bank accounts and cheque books. I do!

ListIt also provides statistical information by item, type or location. Now you can find out how your house contents value in the bedroom, kitchen, study, etc. You can also find out how much you spent on electrical, furniture, clothing, etc. More over, if you use it as a financial aid, you can get it to calculate how much you spend in petrol, electricity or at the movies.

List is very small and fast as it was built for the Newt 120/130 and will fly on the MP2K's. ListIt supports printing and has two print formats; summary list and full list.

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ListIt Input Slip Display

The following table gives an explanation of the input fields of the ListIt data slip. Examples of entries for house contents and expense tracking are given.

Here you enter the items name such as Impact Drill or Antique Chair. For expense listings you may write Petrol or Groceries. Tapping the diamond will display a list of all items stored in the current folder. Tapping the a->z button will popup an A to Z picker of all items. This is useful when the list becomes large; the a->z picker can be much quicker when you know what you want.
Here you enter the items type such as Electrical or Furniture. For expense listings it could be VISA Purchase or EFTPOS. Again, tapping the diamond will give a list of all types stored in the current folder and the a->z picker is a quick access feature to the types information.
On a new slip the current date will be displayed. Tapping the diamond will popup a date dialog to change this value.
Here you enter the location of the item such as Shed or Lounge Room. For expense listings this may be Exxon or Tom Thumb.
Here you enter the cost of the item in dollars.
This input field is used for writing any other information that may be important. This would include such information as serial numbers, model numbers, material colours and designs. For expense listings this may be cheque numbers, contact names. The field will also accept shapes and drawings. Use the scroll bar to the right of the field to page up and down through the data.

ListIt Slip Controls

From left to right the ListIt status bar controls are:

Overview Display

The overview display is displayed by tapping the overview button on the silk screen and provides a summary of all the items in the current folder. The item name and value are presented in bold to the left and right respectively. In small text, a summary of the date, item type, location and description are shown. The bottom of the display shows the number of items and the total value of all items.

The controls not explained so far for this display are:

  • Stats: Displays a statistical summary page based on either Item, Type or Location. This is explained in more detail below.
  • Sort: Allows the user to select the method in which the items are sorted. These are Unsorted or by Item, Type, Date, Value or Location.
  • Jump Scroll: These two jump scrollers give quick access to the top or bottom of the displayed list.
  • Check All: Checks all the items in the current folder. Note that no routing options can be performed until at least one item is selected.

Statistics Display

Statistics by Location Example

This dialog shows the result of a statistical review based on item location for a house contents list. Quickly you can determine the value of items in each room.

Statistics by Type Example

This dialog shows the result of a statistical review based on item type for a house contents list. Again, it is easy to calculate how much is spent on each type of item in the house.


ListIt supports printing and faxing of the lists / inventories within it. Two formats are provided. The first is a summary table listing all the items, type, date, location, description and value with a total value shown on the last page. The other format is a single item per page with a similar presentaion to the input slip.


ListIt is written for all Newton 2.x OS systems. Note that it has not been tested on any MP2K devices and currently has been giving some -48809 errors during printing and use of menu popups. I'm looking into this ASAP. There are no problems on the MP120/130 at present.

Download the Demo Version

A demonstration version of ListIt is available for free download. The demo version is restricted in that it will only allow a total of 20 items to be listed. All other functionality is available.

Register a Full Featured Version of ListIt

An unrestricted copy of ListIt can be purchased for $10 US. Payment can either be made by cheque, money order or by credit card through Kagi at the following addresses:

After registration, the full featured ListIt will be e-mailed to you and all future upgrades to ListIt are free. I am even more than happy to include any features to ListIt that registered users may request. I plan to use my Newton for many years to come.

ListIt Version Info

Version Date Info


16 January 2000

Fixed a Y2K hickup with short date format of the date picker. The date picker now uses a 4 digit year in the display.
1.1 1 December 1999 The -48809 error has been fixed for the Newt MP2K devices. ListIt will now work correctly on all OS 2.x Newts.
1.0 1 November 1999 Released at:


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