Motif File System Monitor

mfsm V-1.4

Motif File System Monitor (mfsm) is a application that graphically monitors the disk usage on UNIX systems. A colour bar chart is given for each defined filesystem. Warning colours and bells can be set to warn of approaching full disks.

What is mfsm ??

Mfsm is a X-Windows Motif utility that monitors free space and user quotas of filesystems. The program displays a drive type icon, a usage bar chart, and an alert bell toggle, which are described below:

Where Do You Get It?

What are the Components of the mfsm Utility?


The drive icon is a label that pictorially describes the type of file system being monitored. The available drive types are:

  1. Floppy disk.
  2. Hard disk
  3. Network or NFS disk.
  4. User's home directory.
  5. CDROM.


The usage bar chart is just that. It is a coloured bar that indicated the percentage use of the filesystem. Displayed in the usage bar is 20% tic marks, the filesystem path, and the amount of free space in MegaBytes. The colour of the bar changes depending the percentage of file system space used. By default the following colours are defined:


This is a toggle button that turns the warning bell off or on. By default, the terminal bell will sound once per second when a file system is full.



How Do I Compile mfsm?

  1. Edit the Imakefile for the following defines:
    1. MACHINE_INFO - Make sure that this define will be set correctly.
    2. HAVE_QUOTAS - Enable this if you have quota support.
    3. USE_IOCTL - Enable if your quota support is through the ioctl(2) function and not the quotactl(2) function.
    4. HAVE_XPM - It is recomended that you use the XPM library for colour pixmaps. This can be found at the following place:

      If you are using XPM, then define the location of the XPM library and include files with the variables XPM_LIB and XPM_INCLUDE. If you don't want to use XPM support, then change the

      #define HAVE_XPM


      #undef HAVE_XPM

    5. BINDIR, MANDIR - Define the location for the executable and man page respectively.
  2. Run the following commands:
    1. run xmkmf
    2. make
    3. make install
    4. make

What Functions may be System Dependent?

Some or all of the functions below may require attention for other systems. If Mfsm does not work on your system, send me a copy of the man pages for the following functions and I will modify Mfsm for you.

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