Notes2Notes V-2.1b3

Notes2Notes is a Windows program that synchronizes Newton notes with Microsoft Outlook 97, 98 & 2000. The creator of Notes2Notes is Brad Smith. However, Brad has given me development rights to Notes2Notes since I developed V-2.0. Thanks Brad! Version 2.0 has many new features and has had the serial communication improved to work just as well on Newt 120/130's as well as Newt 2100's. It uses the Sloup communication package by Steve Weyer on the Newton side.

Screen Shots

This is the main screen for Notes2Notes, (without the view pane active). Notes can be sorted by title, folder or date using the column tabs.


This is the Note view. The example shows show a Note I wrote on my Newton to help me remember how to make pancake batter.


This is Sloup Talk. Sloup Talk allows experienced Sloup users to send commands to the Newton and for the results to be displayed. This example show how you can retrieve a list of packages installed on your Newton.



Notes2Notes was written to be compatible with Win9x, WinNT and Win2K. It has been tested using Outlook 97, 98 and 2000.

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Notes2Notes is free.

Version Info

Version Date Info
2.1b3 4 April 2002
  • Fix for a possible hang on notes that don't terminate with a carriage return/line feed pair.
  • Ability to filter on Newton notes folders e.g. view just Business notes.
  • Support for 115200 baud connections (experimental!).
2.01 20 February 2001
  • Official non-beta release of Notes2Note V-2x.
  • Removed some annoying tooltips that would popup while trying to select notes for transfer.
  • Fixed status bar bug.
2.0b2 1 September 2000
  • Heaps of changes to the user interface.
  • Better communication between Newt<->Windows, to remove communication dropouts.
  • Added "Sloup Talk". A utility for those experienced with Sloup to view other information in the Newt.
  • Added support for Standalone's Super Notepad, (you must have Sloup V-2.2h2 or higher for this to work).
  • Added support for Standalone's More Folders.
2.0b1 29 August 2000
  • Introduction of version 2.0 to Brad Smith. This was the first of the new Notes2Notes.
1.x 6 July 2000

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