MiniStyle V-1.0

MiniStyle is a replacement for the in-built Styles application. It activates the extended Newton font characteristics. Choose from bold, italic, underline, outline, superscript and subscript formats. Choose any font size you like. Copy any font you see on the screen. MiniStyle will also handle added custom fonts. An auxilary button, with the label "f", will be placed on the NotePad status bar for quick access. All this and in a very small screen foot print.

Here, MiniStyle has been used to show how you can change the font characteristics on the scribble view of InfoBack.


Firstly note that MiniStyle does not update the font characteristics automatically like other style applications. This is to allow you to make all the font changes you like before the views start updating. On an Newt MP120, this can save a lot of time in screen redraws. If you have used the in-built Style application you can easily use MiniStyle. The font modification process is done as follows:

  1. Either select the text you want to change or tap a spot you would like the new font to appear in your edit view.
  2. Use the font type, size and face popups of MiniStyle to your desired characteristics.
  3. Tap the apply button within MiniStyles and your font changes will be applied and the views will update.

To update another selection with the same font change as above, just:

  1. Select the text you want to change.
  2. Tape the apply button.

This quick change is achievable because MiniStyle does not automatically pickup the selected text properties. To do this you must tap the "Font Pickup" button on the MiniStype controls.

MiniStyle Controls

From left to right, the MiniStyle controls are:


MiniStyle is written for all Newton 2.x OS systems. Note that it has not been tested on any MP2K devices. However, there should be no foreseeable problems.

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InfoBack is free.

MiniStyle Version Info

Version Date Info
1.0 16 April 1999 Released at:

Messages to: Shane D. Hill (sdhengsoft @ tpg . com . au)