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Old News:

15 Oct 2001 * Updated all my e-mail adresses to sdhengsoft @ free2air . com . au
20 Feb 2001 * Notes2Notes V-2.01 released.
1 Sep 2000
* I have been writing V-2.0 of Notes2Notes by Brad Smith. Notes2Notes is a Windows program that transfers Newton notes to Microsoft Outlook via a serial port. The program supports Outlook 97/98 & 2000. We are currenlty at Beta Verion 2.0b2.
16 Jan 2000 * Update to ListIt V-1.1a. This is a fix to a Y2K hickup I found with the short format of the date picker. ListIt now uses a 4 digit year in the date picker display.
1 Dec 1999 * Update to ListIt V-1.1: I have fixed the problem of the -48809 error for the MP2K Newts. ListIt V-1.1 will now work on all Newtons running OS 2.x.
18 Nov 1999 *Update to DateBar V-1.1a: An error was made by me in the release of V-1.1. It was in fact NOT V-1.1 but a slightly earlier version. V-1.1a fixes this mistake and allows the user to get to the preference dialog as advertised.
8 Nov 1999 *Some of you are experiencing some -48809 errors with ListIt on MP2K Newts. I'm looking into this error ASAP. The errors do not occur on the MP120/130's.
3 Nov 1999 *Release of ListIt V-1.0: This is an inventory listing tool that I use to generate house and contents lists for my insurance company. However, because of its generic design, I also use it to keep track of my bank accounts and expenses while here in the USA.
3 Nov 1999 *Update to DateBar V-1.1: The main new feature is the hourly update of the Dates view when open. It also updates the view at power-on.
22 Oct 1999 * Well I have been travelling all over the States / Canada and have not had time to update this page. This page has now been added to the Newton Web Ring. There is also a mirror of this site at the Newted community. Check out the mirror section below. An update to DateBar and ListIt will be released next week.
18 June 1999 * Released Custom Sounds V-1.1. New Icon, Sounds Play when Tapped, Auto Filing into "Sounds".
17 June 1999 * Even More Custom Sounds.
16 June 1999 * Updated Custom Sounds. See page for detail. Two new sounds as well.
14 June 1999 * Fixed Custom Sounds AddItUp.pkg and added to New South Park sounds.
11 June 1999 * Released Custom Sounds
20 May 1999 * Released DateBar V-1.0
7 May 1999 * DateView V-1.2 is now available in .sit.hqx format.
30 April 1999 * Released DateView V-1.2; many new changes to allow DateView to be the backdrop application. Auxillary button support and fully functional new meeting and todo popup.
16 April 1999 * Released MiniStyle V-1.0
13 April 1999 * Released MiniBack V-1.0; a cut down version of InfoBack. The volume, heap status, battery status, storage status, extras and package quick access has been remove.
12 April 1999
* Released NoteCheck V-1.0
* Fixed the "Gesture is 49" message from DateView, for those who found it, and released as V-1.1a
9 April 1999 * Released D&D Dice V-1.2, DateView V-1.1, InfoBack V-1.0

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